Goji Berries

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Goji Berries from Ning Xia in China.
Goji berries are incredibly nutritious – rich in essential vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help to provide strong antioxidant protection, and contain chemical compounds that boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, increase growth hormone levels and revitalize youthful appearance and function. A balanced combination of essential minerals is necessary for efficient protein metabolism, hormonal function, and overall good health.

More Details about Goji Berries / Wolfberry

Our Goji Berries come from Ning Xia in China.

Goji Berries contain 18 Amino acids (including I-glutamine and I-arginine) and they also include

11 Essential and 22 Trace Dietary Minerals such as:

CHROMIUM, COPPER, IRON, PHORPHOROUS, SELENIUM, and SODIUM are among the essential minerals found in goji berries. Also POTASIUM, vital for health and longevity and minerals like MANGANESE and ZINC, which are believed to be antioxidant nutrients. Furthermore, MAGNESIUM is associated with improving sleep patterns and CALCIUM supports healthy bones and has been linked to lower body fat levels.

6 Essential fatty acids

stimulate collagen production and retain moisture in your skin, resulting in a more subtle and younger looking skin.

Goji berries also contain 5 usaturated fatty acids including LINOLEIC ACID which is associated with immune cell function with specific focus on anti-cancer fighting properties. ALPHA-LINOLENIC acid is one of the three major forms of Omega 3 fatty acids which decreases levels of blood cholesterol, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

8 Polisaccarides and 6 Monosaccrides

LYCEUM BARBARUM POLYSACCARIDES found in goji berries are known to enhance the body’s ability to resist disease and aid in the removal of lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles during exertion and thereby relieve sore muscles.

Goji berries also have PHYTOSTEROLS, incluing BETA-SITOSTEROL which reduces bad cholesterol levels.

5 Carotenoid Pigment Antioxidants including:

  • BETA-CAROTENE provides antioxidant protection, is believed to help fight heart disease and protects the skin from sun damage.
  • ZEAXANTHIN and LUTEIN are essential nutrients for healthy vision

Vitamins in Goji Berries

  • B Vitamins and antioxidants protect against free radical cellular damage.
  • Vitamin B1 (THIAMIN) is essential for healthy thyroid function and helps the efficient conversion of carbohydrates into energy, improves mood and decreases depression.
  • Vitamin B2 (RIBOFLAVIN) is a strong antioxidant nutrient.
  • Vitamin B6 functions as a co-enzyme working with other enzymes to regulate production of amino acids, red blood cells, and neurotransmitters such as serotonin.
  • Vitamin B6 helps to metabolize energy and strengthens the immune system.
  • Vitamin E protects Vitamin A and essential fatty acids from oxidation in the cells (preventing breakdown of body tissues).
You can eat the dried fruit directly as a snack, like raisins, blend them into your juice or use Goji Berries/Wolfberry in baking. In your breakfast musli, they will not only look great but also tast fantastic and give you an energy boost into the day. Most recommended: put a good handful of Goji Berry into your salads for most delicious taste!