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BLUE SKY - Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies

“Blue Sky” SLS FREE Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies for Body & Home!


Blue Sky – Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Let us introduce you to a new concept in Eco friendly products which are based on pro-biotic principles rather than the concept of anti-bacterial agents. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are using beneficial microorganisms combined with naturally occurring elements from plants & fruits to combat pathogenic bacterias. In the same way they create an effective balance of natural beneficial microbes on and in your body, your home and your environment!

The quality of these natural cleaning products is way beyond anything we have ever tried!


What are Environmentally Friendly Cleaners?

The extraction of the useful elements from the plants is achieved due the process of fermentation & cultivation of beneficial microorganisms WITHOUT the use of ANY Chemicals at all! By combining the right ingredients, a highly effective “brew” that can dissolve dirt and fat is formed! This effective Microorganisms (EM) can even kill bad odors caused by bacteria.
Different than in most other as “organic” labeled or so called “pure castile” soaps, the saponin, which is used in our organic and environmentally friendly products, comes from the fruits of the Sapindus tree which are rich in naturally occurring saponins and it is NOT created chemically by saponification of different types of oils by using lye or sodium hydroxide like in other soaps, but is simply extracted by soaking the fruits in freshwater.

Natural Cleaning Products – Biodegradable

By using these 100% eco friendly cleaning products you are both, effectively cleaning your body / clothing / dishes & your whole home without harming the environment AND actually helping to heal the earth by adding beneficial micro-flora into the eco-system in order to help sustain biodiversity & a healthy planet. All Blue Sky Products are biodegradable!

All products of our Blue Sky line are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and there is no Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) in any of these products. SLS and SLES are the two chemicals agents, commonly used in soaps, shampoos and other cleaning products, such as foaming agents, also known as “surfactants”. Both, SLES and SLS, are highly irritating chemicals and have until today not been proven safe to humans!

SLS Free Organic Hair and Skin Treatment

Misleading advertising in supermarkets, in drug stores and on TV, such as “get healthy hair”, “more shining hair” and “beautiful soft skin”, makes us believe that we buy great products for our body, while in fact, non organic shampoos and conditioners or soaps, contain chemical compounds which are poisoning our bodies and can ultimately lead to direct damage of the hair follicle, it can also cause skin damage, permanent eye damage in children and even liver toxicity because SLES cannot be metabolized by the liver, so that all negative effects can be long lasting and accumulating. Furthermore, SLES is also commonly contaminated with DIOXANE, a well known carcinogen!

The Safe Cleaning Products of Blue Sky Include:

  • Organic Body WashNatural Organic Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Natural Hair Shampoo
  • Natural Conditioner
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Air Freshener
  • Dish Washing Soap
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • De-Greaser
  • Car Wash
  • Vegetable & Fruit Wash
  • and last but not least, Pet Shampoo!

All our environmentally friendly cleaning products are available in following Packing Sizes: 120ml (Travel size), 350ml, 500ml, 650ml (pump), 1000ml & 5000ml. Make a change now because you owe it to your body!